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    The Most Effective 10 Minutes and $40
    You’ll Ever Invest in Golf

    Managing your feelings and thinking is the last leg of your journey to become a complete golfer and imapMyGolfGame is your answer.

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It’s Not Always Mental

In golf there are many swing doctors and mental gurus. Both often miss the point. It’s not always the swing or the strategy that cause bogies. Sometimes it’s in your belly or your spirit.

Situations, competition, hazards, gamesmanship, or even off-course stressors cause emotional reactions which directly affect physical performance. imapMyGolfGame identifies specific-to-you internal events and maps your safe routes to shed what you dread.


“The algorithm… the most disruptive scientific development since quantum mechanics.”

-- Princeton Professor of Computer Science, Bernard Chazelle

Algorithms are the root of iMapMyGolfGame’s breakthrough success science. The imapMyGolf library of algorithmic golf situations activate with collected personal data points to identify individual golfing stressors, offer solutions and help you discover the power of me-management.

Mapping your internal tendencies will drastically affect how you direct your thinking, manage your feelings and react to situations in golf, so you play and score better. When you learn to me-manage your internal tendencies, you’ll own a better golf game.

imapMyGolfGame FOUNDERS

Me-Management Masters

In the 1990’s renowned corporate advisor Connie Charles and equally renowned golf coach Dave Bisbee developed a golf format to show executives that the principles of playing better golf are the same that produce better business results.

Between them, they coached and motivated teams and individuals at Boeing, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Merrill Lynch, Aramark, PNC Bank, DuPont, Lockheed Martin, Visa, J.P. Morgan, Coca-Cola, Bank of America, First Data Corp., and Accenture using golf as a metaphor for business management.

Now, the imapMyGolfGame community is open to all golfers. Your personalized imapMyGolfGame report is a click away. Thousands of golfing executives can attest that improvement is sure to follow.

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